Information and Communication Technology Academy



The Information and Communication Technology Academy of Kerala (ICTAK) is a Social Enterprise created in a Public Private Partnership model (PPP) for imparting ICT skills to the youths of Kerala and improve their employability opportunities in the Industry. It provides training to faculty and students to evolve themselves into next generation teachers and industry ready students. ICTAK do research and offers training programs on diverse streams, ranging from emerging technologies to life skills. VJCET has signed MoU with Information and Communication Technology Academy of Kerala (ICTAK) to help students' improve their technical competency and soft skills, and thereby improve employability quotient in them.  VJCET is a premium member of ICTAK from August 1st 2020. VJCET is also a member of Oracle Academy through ICTAK.


ICT Team

Mrs. Neenu Daniel (Assistant Professor, CSE) Coordinator
Mrs. Neethu Joseph (Computer Programmer, CSE) Member

Event Details

1 5 Days XR Boot camp on 2D game development 20.07.2020-25.07.2020 XR Bootcamp on 2D game development is a Live Online Training for Students interested in creating gaming applications. ALBERT MANUEL BABY(S4 CS A ) and RIYA JOHN(S4 CS A) successfully completed the program.
2 FDP on Salesforce: Become Job ready for developer 27/07/2020-31/07/2020 Ms. Preethy Joseph (IT) and Ms. Neethu Joseph of (CS) successfully completed and achieved prestigious superbadges in the program.
3 Salesforce "Become Job ready for Developer 15.08.2020-5.12.2020 Salesforce Developer course is a technology training program facilitated by ICT Academy of Kerala in association with Salesforce inc., that will be of high industry relevance in the present and coming years. 46 Students participated from IT and CS
4 AI- ML internship 3.09.2020-12.09.2020 10 days Virtual internship on ML AI for graduating students. ICTAK Virtual Internship introduces several fundamental concepts and methods for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Students of IT and CS participated and were given certificates.
5 Build your Bot Launched on 7.09.2020 It’s a short term course (Build your Bot) for the student community in process Automation techniques. Alen Belji(S3 CS ) ,Albin Thomas (S3 CS ) successfully completed the course
6 FDP on Database Programming with SQL 15.12.2020-19.12.2020 This course engages participants to analyze complex business scenarios and create a data model—a conceptual representation of an organization’s information. Mr. Sivadas T Nair ,AP ,CSED has succesfully completed the program
7 LEARN PYTHON BY DEVELOPING A WEBSITE 5.12.2020-17.12.2020 Learn Python by Developing a Website is an instructor led Virtual training program offered by ICT Academy of Kerala for Engineering / Science graduating students in Kerala. This program is specially designed for students who are new to the programming world and would like to build their career in Information technology. 7 students of CS attended the 10 days program.
8 AI class room series 14.12.20-19.12.2020 Microsoft has joined forces with NASSCOM FutureSkills® to deliver Microsoft's AI, machine learning and data science expertise to students through a simulive learning series including demos and live Q A*. First Year AI students attended this program and obtained certificates.
9 Webinar on Introduction to Oracle Academy Primavera P6 Teaching Resources 25.02.2021 Jerin Jose,AP, CE and Appu John,AP ,CE attended the Webinar on Introduction to Oracle Academy Primavera P6 Teaching Resources
10 FDP on Modern Web Application Developmentwith MEAN Stack 22.02.2021-26.02.21 This course is packed with practical exercises that are based on real-time requirements which are useful to create MEAN applications. Mrs. Neenu Daniel and Mrs. Ritty Jacob attended the FDP.
11 Annual Technical Skill competition – Techathalon 2021 8.03.21-14.03.21 This is an event open to all the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students across the country where the participants can exhibit and depict their creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication and prototyping skills. Ann Mary Joshy(S4 CS) ,Evelin Martin(S4 CS) , Hiba V Sidheek (S4 CS) participated.
12 AI- ML internship 10.05.21-11.05.21 Virtual Internship introduced several fundamental concepts and methods for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The objective is to familiarize the participants with some basic learning algorithms & techniques and their applications by which they can gain a practical insight about the work. 44 students of various branches completed the internship.
13 Salesforce Girls Initiative :Salesforce fundementals. 10.05.21-11.05.21 It is a joint D&I initiative of Salesforce looking to skill and empower around 1k girl students in India. 55 students of CS attended the program.
14 AAU Bot Aspirant RPA training Program 22.02.21-23.06.21 it is a Robotic process automation student training program of ICTAK. Build your Bot – is first of its kind RPA learning program for the students of technical education institutions across the state of Kerala. The program is to empower tomorrow's workforce with the latest technology. 20 students successfully completed the Program.
15 FDP on Salesforce Administrator 14.09.21-17.09.21 The objective of Salesforce FDP is to enable the faculties to learn the various skills of Salesforce platform a number one CRM platform in the world. Ms. Joicy Jose and Ms. Neethu Joseph of CSE have sucessfully completed the FDP.
16 FDP on Artificial Intelligence with machine learning in JAVA 29.09.21-1.12.21 This FDP is a 9 week program. This course of study builds on the skills in Java Foundations and Java Programming. Learners are introduced to Machine Learning concepts within Artificial Intelligence and will learn terminology, syntax, and the steps required to create a Machine learning solution in Java using hands-on, engaging activities. Ms. Femy john and Mrs. Mary Nirmala of AD Dept have sucessfully completed the FDP.
17 Microskills Virtual Training on Java Programming 29.12.21-29.01.22 This Microskills program helps the learners to build a solid foundation in the Java language. This program is jointly organized by ICT Academy and NORKA Roots. 5 students of S7 CS and 6 students of S5 CS have sucessfully completed the training.