Capacity Building Initiatives


Capacity building and skills enhancement initiatives

Soft Skill Development Programmes

Soft skills, personal traits development programmes are tailored into the academic schedule for the students. Professional help is sought from external agencies and from well experienced faculty at our institution to conduct these programmes as to prepare students to play efficiently the crucial role in the corporate world.

Language and Communication Skills Development Initiatives

Professional communication courses are designed and conducted as an effective tool for undergraduates to communicate efficiently and clearly. Various training programmes like Technical communication, Formal correspondence, Public speaking, and leadership skills are organised. Besides, GD practice, resume preparation, IELTS course and personal grooming sessions conducted contribute to the general progress of all students.

Life Skills

Kaizen…continuous improvement! Every student has immense potentials just asking for opportunities to polish and transform one’s skills, to examine and utilise information gained, to develop personal management skills and to interact and deal effectively with the challenges of day to day life. At Viswajyothi College, we strive for the holistic development of every student through various skill development initiatives as well as value added training programmes arranged in a well-paced manner.


ICT / Computing Skills

Computer literacy is a necessity as a survival tool in the present day world. Customized software training programmes are arranged to enable students to confidently use computer, gather information, presenting and initiating online communication .Amble opportunity is provided to use computer operating systems to access software programmes , internet facility , and to manage other basic functions of computer.